The Value of Employee Appreciation and How to Do It

Being genuinely appreciated is a fundamental human need. It makes us feel comfortable and safe, which then allows us to do our best work. When it comes to propelling your company forward, acknowledging the people that work for and with you is key – the key to improved camaraderie, productivity, engagement, and even retention.

When our client, Hilton Worldwide, came to us with the idea of implementing an employee recognition program, we were excited to be a part of inspiring their team. The Hilton brand cultivates a tagline “We are Hilton. We are Hospitality.” which applies to the treatment of both their guests and internal teammates. We adopted this sentiment to embody a program where team members could genuinely feel the consideration from their team leaders.

We created the Hilton Team Member Rewards program to be produced throughout Hilton’s Team Member Appreciation Week. The first aspect of the program was the development of a website that included three areas for team members to engage in: the Daily Video, the Daily Question and a Marketplace. The Daily Video section featured a daily video message from Hilton’s leaders in company with a conversational area. The Daily Question section featured daily “Would You Rather” questions offering team members a chance to win 25 bonus credits. At the end of the week, percentages were tallied and designed as an infographic to be shared with team members.

The second aspect of the program was the generation and fulfillment of the Marketplace. We curated products, developed the e-commerce aspect, managed the member database, and stocked the Marketplace with a variety of products – like Fitbits, Fuji Instamax Cameras, Herschel Supply Co. travel bags, JBL speakers, and more. We also featured brand promotional products, such as portable chargers that we printed with 4 optional brand logos from Hilton’s portfolio using our new Roland Large Format Flatbed UV Printer. From the program’s launch, team members were awarded with 100 credits to shop with. Orders proceeded to fly in, and we instantaneously became a mini-Amazon fulfillment center, packing and shipping branded boxes to Hilton team members worldwide!

As a token of Hilton’s appreciation for our work, the entire Impact team got to shop in the Marketplace too. This year, Fortune magazine ranked Hilton number 26 on their list of “The 100 Best Companies to Work For”. We can see why. Giving recognition to your employees for their achievements will say it, loud and clear – that they are really of value to you and your company.

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