THE Q+A: Capturing Creativity in your Agency

Our clients come to us for inspiration and guidance with their brand identity and marketing. However, some may not know that we view our client relationships as mutually symbiotic. We choose to work with our clients because they inspire and influence us.

The reality is that creativity isn’t always on demand. By fostering a great client relationship, this connection gives us better insight into their brand and boosts our generation of ideas.

One of our clients is a fantastic local brewpub, Hopsaint Brewing Company­. We assisted their launch with brand identity, menu design, printed marketing collateral, merchandise design, photography and web development. Hopsaint’s brewmaster, Brian Brewer (yup, that’s his name!), gave us a glimpse into his creative process:

We had a recent team dinner at HopSaint, and thoroughly enjoyed all of our beer and food pairings. In fact, we took a growler of your mead/beer hybrid, OB BLONDE KENOBI, back to the office for more “inspiration”. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from quality seasonal ingredients, beers I’ve tried and loved, traditional beer styles, or sometimes an idea will start with a name and go from there.

Is there a prior failure that shaped the way you approach your work today?
Safety is paramount in the brewing world.  I’ve been burned by boiling water pretty seriously and my goal is that is never happens again! Also, who you partner with is extremely important, as I’ve had some really poor partners in the past.

What habits allow you to follow through to meet your goals?
Trying to stay organized, and having some time off work to decompress and spend time with family, clear the head and come back to work focused.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Stay true to yourself and work with passion and attention to detail.

What’s on your bookshelf?
Every imaginable beer, chemistry, and physics book, and then a bunch of books on art, nature, and music (mostly blues and metal).

If you weren’t crafting beer as your career, what would you be doing?
I’ve told myself I would like to have a job in special effects or pyrotechnics, but who knows?

HopSaint Brewing Company

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