Business cards are now available for hotels to order and use on property to encourage Guests to post reviews after their stay.
To order Review Cards for your hotel property, please fill out the information below.

Review Cards cost $0.12 / card plus shipping, and are sold in sets of 250, 500, 750 or 1000.
Review Card measures  3.5" x 2" -- 8.9 cm X 5.08 cm

US shipping rates are as follows:

250 cards - $30.00
500 cards - $60.00
750 cards - $90.00
1000 cards - $120.00

For international shipping rates, please contact



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When should a review card be used?
  • Front Desk: When a Guest is checking out, the front desk Team Member can offer them a card and encourage the Guest to post a review to share their experience with future Guests.
  • Face to Face Conversations: Team Members can offer the Guest a review card when interacting with a Guest during the stay, and the Guest mentions a positiveexperience and the desire to return to the hotel soon.
  • Loyal Guests: A Team Member can offer a frequent Guest a review card if they have a relationship with that Guest and know that person enjoys staying at your property.
  • Special Events: Provide a review card after a meeting/wedding/special event, when the Sales Team Member is closing the event with the customer.

Best Practices/Guidelines
To ensure that review card usage is not abused, we encourage Team Members to be mindful of the following guidelines to avoid the review cards becoming a negative experience for our Guests:

  • Review cards should NOT be automatically included in the key packet at check-in.
  • Review cards should NOT be automatically left in guest rooms for Guests to see upon arrival.
  • Review cards should NEVER be included in the folio as it is delivered in the evening prior to check-out.
  • Hotels may NEVER offer upgrades or gifts in exchange for a review from a Guest.
  • Hotels should NOT use the term “solicit” around the use of the cards or requests for reviews.

Please remember that TripAdvisor has very strict guidelines around the way hotels can request reviews from guests, and hotels must follow those rules as well. They can found at:   

These guidelines will be closely monitored by QA and Brand Performance. If at any time a hotel is found to be in violation, they will not be allowed to order the cards again from HiltonART and points may be deducted from their QA Score.

When in doubt, please contact your Director of Brand Performance or eCommerce Manager.